Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Miracle Jubilee part 2

Miracle Jubilee:......I just love this girl. I have a great admiration mixed in with a little fear for the world when she grows up! She loves hard and can pack a mean punch. She will be a fierce to be reckoned with! She is deaf in one ear and has a substantial loss of hearing in the other ear but really, you would never guess it! She never wears her hearing aide, and she has speech issues just because how she hears things then articulates it but again you would never know! She does not let it hold her back! I am not the most affectionate. I constantly have to make an effort to remember to be affectionate, Its just not me. She on the other hand is one that likes to hang on you and hug and kiss, supper affectionate.I ask God to help me constantly with that so I don't snuff that out in her. God just has to do a lot of healing in me on that area yet! But God gave her to  me and he knew I would need help bringing that part out I guess! When she grows up she wants to be a mom, teacher, ninja.
She ask us weekly when we are going adopt a baby sister for her to play with! She's my little muffin!

Lord, I shake my head with so much to pray for with this little muffin! She puts a smile on my face everyday! I pray her future husband is compassionate and patient with her and looks at her as if she the only one in the room! I pray she feels loved to the very core of her being. Protect her, guide her. May your voice be louder than the world!

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