Thursday, April 26, 2012

I am ......and I have no certification!

I am a..........
          Nurse, vet, referee, maid, gourmett chief,
professional butt wiper, taxi driver, barber, hairdresser, builder of many things, soccer, basketball, swimming, dance, tee ball cheerleader, gardener, keeper of all things sacred ( like cars and money and dolls ), banker, seamstress, detective of things they try to hide or things that need to be found, nutritionist, home decorated, construction worker (sorta), teacher, librarian, counselor, friend, mother, wife, daughter, sister, activist, personal shopper, painter, bug catcher/holder, photographer, movie critic ( to give my approval ratings),
..........and much more I will add more as i grow or figure it out. Its amazing all the things you find that you are capable of doing.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Twins part 2

My beautiful twins. As they grew they got more and more difficult, but not impossible. They didn't communicate well so that brought on problems all of its own, noise was a problem, new environments, basically anything and everything! I felt like i was always trapped in my house. They were so destructive and had such behaviors I couldn't go to a friends house, church, but they like to go for drives in the car. They are 4 and still to this day they are not potty trained. I have never felt more like a failure as a parent as i have with these two. I just simply don't know how to parent them. Everything i do or try does not work. Many nights I just sit and cry and cry to God and ask for help. One night as i was crying and asking for God's help he asked me "are you ready for me to help you yet". YES YES YES, what do you think i have been asking for all this time. What i figured out was i wanted his help but never let him, or listened to what he was saying.                 
                                      Persistence! Perseverance! Patience! 
Every year as i see the Dr. i always said i think something is wrong. He always assured me that it is just because they are delayed but they will catch up and be OK. Every year was the same thing, and every year it seem to get harder and harder. Finally after I heard God say that to me i call the Dr. and got another apt. and everything i have been saying he saw and got the testing started, it was like God lifted blinders off his eyes to witness what they battle with every day and sometimes nights. I felt rejuvenated like i was heard. Finally i can let it all go and just enjoy!
The twins are best friends and worst enemies! They will protect each other and beat the snot out of  each other. What one doesn't think of the other does. I am always on my toes, fixing things adding new locks to doors and cupboard and such. They make my life more.

Lord- Thank you so much for these boys. My life is forever changed because of them. My mothers heart prays for their future. Make there paths clear but yet challenge them to grow, plant them on the hearts of your people to pray without ceaseing. I come against any harmful plans of destruction for their lives and pray for blessings. I know you have a plan for them as 2 because that is how you sent them. Help shandon and i to lead them. I pray for creative ideas, patience, continued strength. I also pray for their relationship as they grow nothing will come between them or harbor any grudges that could cause a wedge between them Because I KNOW you have a plan for them, you sent them as 2!

Twins part1

We got a call one day to take a set of 3 month old twins. They were still in the hospital getting ready to be discharged and needed a place to go so they had time to grow and get off there machines.( Its was a medical need that they were being placed in our home.) They were sooo little. They were preemies born at 26 weeks gestational, both weighing 1 lb. Both on the heart apnea machines and oxygen. The one on the right still has the premature blood spot on his brain that never dissolved. Still to this day causes some problems for him like tremors seizures. He has not had one in almost 2 years. YAY! The one on the left  was blind and deaf in one ear until he was 5 months then his retinas attached and passed his hearing test. PHEW. It was a busy,crazy household. We still had 2 little ones at home. So up all night feeding,changing, then the machines always going off,......breath.......then nurses in and out of the house, social workers, bio parents.......PLUS I was homeschooling on top of this. Yes hectic but way cool! This is still only the beginning of our craziness. About 4 months after we had gotten the twins we received another phone call, the bio parents had gotten their other children from family members and had gotten evicted and need a place for the 3 other children to go it was short term only for about a week or 2. So we said YES.  We added a 1 yr old, 2 yr old, 5 yr old, to our mix. More on that later.

Back to the twins. They had alot of STUFF going on. They could start to eat any foods till they were 14 months due to no gag reflex. Didnt walk till almost 2, delayed in everything! Still to this day delayed. They are now 4 and terrors. I tell myself daily "God has a plan for them, God has a plan for them. LOL yes they test every last nerve I have. But I LOVE them and can't imagne my life without them. You know how sometimes you reflect back on life and wonder if you could change one thing then maybe life would be differnt.......I do that but only to Thank God even through all my stubborness he drug me along and didn't change a thing because these babies could have went to someone else, and i dont think someone can love them as much as i love them.