Thursday, January 19, 2012


So update since last. Well Ellis (our oldest son that didn't know if he wanted to be adopted) decided he did. YAY!!!!! His adoption was 1-3-11 at 10 am in the morning. It was good. I could feel his anxiety and nervousness through the whole process. I just kept thinking lets hurry up and sign the papers before he yells stop! But he didn't. Our family was there,  and all our kiddos.  

I got impulsive and got a dog for the kids for CHRISTmas. We named him Apollo. He is a beautiful pug! But let me tell you a little about this sweet little terror! First I think he has ADHD. He wont eat because he gets distracted while eating and drinking I have to hold him there and try to keep him focused or carry food around and hand feed him one pebble at a time just to make sure he eats. He is also a little terror! He's spastic and nutso. Eats my hair, bites my toes, but is my little baby!

But nope I did not stop there I found another puppy I wanted, he is an English  Mastiff. He is the SWEETEST puppy ever, Fearful of everything, a big baby!   I was telling our daughter about mastiffs and how big he will get and how the vikings used them as guard dogs to protect there land, because of there size enemies would be fearful. We decided we would let her name him, his name is..........Stegosaurus. LOL. Yes. I started laughing and said um no but why. She said the oldest thing she could think about was a dinosaur. Alright I melted and let her keep the name. So we have mastiff named stegosaurus.

But that's not all Stegosaurus had a brother that was sooooo cute and well if you have read anything about my husband you know that he is a yep we also have T-rex. He too is a gentle giant.


Then you have to meet our turtles Sheldon  and we were blessed with a new one named Homie. And Ellis got his cat, "El".  But the craziness does not stop there. My brother moved in with us in Nov. and a girl we met when we were working at Crossfire. Her name is Devyn. I LOVE having them here. My brother I have not seen or really been with for years so its nice to come together again, and Devyn we LOVE. She feels like she is my daughter. Love having her here. God has showed me soooooooo much about myself in the short time they have been here. He is preparing us for something, (well that's what it feels like).

Lord, Thank you for the crazy journie I call life and everything in it. Even the dumbest things like anmials you bless me with because you know how much joy they bring me. Thank you for letting me be ME. Well you created me! =)