Saturday, June 15, 2013


Adoption is hard..........I look at my crew and sometimes just cry at how blessed we are, then sometimes I cry about the loss that the birth family goes through. I cant imagine letting go of my babies to be raised by another, always wondering......
We have my niece staying with us for a month for the summer and she said something so profound and wonderful that help me see things in a better perspective. We were sitting around the table and talking about our scars and battle wounds she said in her little soft voice "I have scar but I don't remember if it hurt but I can see it so I know its a scar, but after a while I forget about it and it faded away.....".   That's so true in life. We can feel the pain at first but as the pain fades away we are left with a scar. A scar that reminds us of the pain we felt, but God wants to heal us from that scar, to help us deal with the memory of that pain, and after awhile the pain (scar) will fade away if we let him.
So my prayer is for all the birth families that they can find healing in the decision they made so they are not forever bound by a painful scar on their heart. That they may find peace and JOY in the life they live.

Father I pray the scars that still cause pain in someone's life today. Gently take our hands and walk us through what we have to do in order to release it to you. I thank you for the pain we must endure sometimes to make us better people. Help us to realize it is not meant to hurt us or stunt us but to grow and to see the blessing in the midst.
Love your daughter trying to still figure things out.

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